Bouqs Co.

December 5: Bouqs Subscription

I know I’ve shared this quote before from Deborah Cavendish’s memoir, Wait for Me!, but I feel it bears repeating:

“When I was about ten, Muv got us all together to test out future housekeeping skills, for an as yet unknwon husband. Under the headings “rent, rates, wages, heating, cleaning materials, food, clothing, travelling, and other necessities,” she instructed us to account for an income of £500 a year. We pored over our sheet of paper, trying out best to apportion the money. Nancy finished almost before the rest of us had started. We read out our proposals, and when it came to her turn, she waved her paper and said, “Flowers: £499. Everything else: £1.’”

When I read this quote, I immediately dog-eared it, knowing Nancy was my kindred spirit when it came to flowers. Even at the grocery store, if I’m just picking up milk or something, I’ll make sure to stop by the produce section to see what bouquets are in the bins.

But, with Bouqs, I’d have the option for delivering to me. What more could you want for starting off 2019?