December 8: Ancestry

Ancestry, for me, is what I believe video games were to my college dorm mates. As sad as it is, I can sit up late, searching hours of records, getting lost in front of my screen for the next “win”.

I know it’s not exciting for others, but having been estranged from the majority of my family for 15 years, Ancestry gives me a connection to a greater world outside my nuclear family.

I’ve discovered most of my family (both sides) have been here since Revolutionary times. Most since the 1800’s settled in Indiana (by way of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Germany, and Scotland). Some were dukes and barons, others convicted of regicide. Some were reverends, others were truck drivers.

While there’s little conversational capital for what’s in my tree, I think it’s fun and worth the money if you’ve ever asked, “What if?” as I have.