A Giveaway

ImageI drove to Phoenix on my days off. I drove to Phoenix and relaxed in the sunlight.  Life started when i got back, when I picked up the dogs from the sitter, did some grocery shopping, went to Goodwill for some props and housewares, when I went to the library to pick up some books.

And there was a widow in florals, sitting on the concrete steps with a paper grocer's bag at her side.  I smiled at her, and the crinkles around her eyes twitched a response.  I was greasy from the five hour drive, a warn red hat and some cut-off shorts.  I carried a bundle of books under my arm and on the way out she stopped me.  She told me these were her husbands books, who died at 79.  She told me the books smelled in the closet and she needed to make some room.  She told me they were free, to take them and "be as smart as her husband was."

I took the bag and now I'm sharing them with you!  Whoever would like one of these amazing collectibles sent to them, let me know and i'll send it your way.  I want to continue the act of kindness this widow showed me, to share this gift with you all.  Just let me know, be my friend, and be as smart as her husband was.