Icy, Rainy, Tired Days - What I got at the library this week


Yesterday was spent between couches and bed, with brief periods in the barn and in town. Our smallest hen, a tiny barbu d’anvers bantam, seemed a little croaky and may have had a small cold. I stressed all night and as soon as I got up, went to the store for some medicine.

Iced roads, hot gas station coffee and a stop at the French restaurant in the strip mall. I came home to the dogs panting clouds in the sleet and melting boots in the foyer.

We ventured out for pizza. We ventured out for a painting I’ve been eyeing from the antique store. We ventured out to donate some books to the library and to pick up a few books, too.

An hour on the phone with my mom. Three movies with my husband. A slice of pizza shared with the dogs. A Sunday for a Thursday was exactly what I needed before holidays and work and responsibilities get in the way.

And if you’re curious what books I got from the library this week, here you go!

milo morning-2.jpg