It Should Be Easy - Ramp and Pesto Pizza

I’ve gone all in this Spring. Celebrating it. Loving it. Enjoying it. Napping outside, napping inside. Napping between calls. Muting myself on calls to go outside with the dogs. Anything I can do to soak up this time of year.

One way I’ve been celebrating is with fresh produce, using what’s in season and what I’m craving most. Here we have ramps, given to us in a bundle of salad mixes and radishes. Slightly garlicky, naturally ombred and absolutely delicious, I wanted to highlight their natural tastes and not mask it as an aside.

So here is a ramp pizza. Pesto, mozzarella, and red pepper do the rest. It’s a perfect little dinner for two (or one if you’re very hungry after a long day of napping, as I usually am!).

Ramp Pizza

This recipe is adapted from a few places. Most importantly is Smitten Kitchen. I used pesto as the base and my dough recipe from here. and a pizza stone from Sur la Table. And yes, these are a little fluffy, and that’s do to accidentally doubling the yeast 😅