Make It Easy on Yourself, It's the End of Summer

I lament that Summer has gone too fast, but I could say that about every season nowadays. I do not know where my time goes. I do not always know who I am when the seasons pass. It is not a dilemma, but it is a passing thought when I do the chickens, when I make dinner, when I set the coffee pot for the next morning. I think I have settled this year. I will be 28 soon. I think I’m happier now than I was last year.

But there are always chores to do and places to go. Last week I was in Chicago and New York. Next week I am in South Carolina with my husband and in-laws. My diary fills up with check boxes.

So I am valuing the small wonders of dinner. I am writing outside of this blog more. I am romanticizing picnics again. I am reading books I loved. I was reading Brideshead Revisited when we vacationed in Cancun last. I proposed to Nolan on that trip.

And if you are busy, like I have been, then let me give you a dessert to make that is easy. It is my gift to you, since I have been so quiet lately.

Poundcake Flottante

Vermont Creamery - Brett Braley - Creme Fraiche and Berries-2.jpg

This is certainly an unabashed mash-up of American and French desserts. With a pool of vanilla pudding and crème fraîche, a smattering of buttery pound cake slices, and a dotting of berries macerated in orange juice, it’s an easy dessert to put together and completes any al fresco meal. The best part? Most of this is store-bought, so make it easy on yourself!


2 cups strawberries, hulled and halved

1 cup blackberries (or whatever you like!)

½ cup granulated sugar

½ tablespoon vanilla extract

1 cup orange juice

1 box pudding packet

8 oz Vermont Creamery crème fraîche

1 poundcake, sliced


At least six hours before serving, macerate your berries by combining strawberries, blackberries, sugar, vanilla, and orange juice in a bowl. Allow to steep in refrigerator

Make your pudding during this time as well

When ready to serve, beat together pudding and crème fraîche until combined and silky

On a tray, pour your crème fraîche layer

Next, add your layer of poundcake

Pour your macerated berries and juice over the cake slices

Serve immediately (this holds beautifully and the longer it rests the longer the berry juice soaks into the cake!)

Poundcake Flottante